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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catching my breath and updates

This is the first weekend in months that I don't have packed with events and chores. I still have plenty of chores and yard work to do but there isn't the same level of pressure this weekend. Being so busy has caused me to be MIA for bit but I am still here with plenty of thoughts, opinions and experiences.

First off, I have always like John Edwards, but last week I lost respect for him. Cheating is bad enough but doing it while your spouse is fighting for her life is an even bigger slap in the face. And then there are those out there defending him, saying he is just a man etc. Well the reality is he is still a married man and needs to honor his commitment or get out altogether. Obviously this strikes a nerve with me. I am impressed that Elizabeth "forgave him".

I meet with the plastic surgeon yesterday. We will wait about 3 months before trying to rebuild the side that didn't completely take. He will also perform other revisions at the time so that means one more surgery. BLAH!!!! Hopefully my new saying will be "Eight is Enough!".

I have decided to change up my meds a bit to try to help control the hot flashes. So far it seems to be helping but the new meds made me pretty sick the first few days.

Finally, and most importantly, my grandma had surgery again yesterday. She is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at 93 and opted for only a lumpectomy. Chemo and radiation would have wiped her out. Well it appears the cancer is back. They removed another lump yesterday and we are waiting for the test results. The doctor is pretty sure it is cancer based the appearance of the lump. Once again she will not undergo any additional treatment. Her doctor wants her to take Tamoxifen but I don't think she could tolerate the side effects. I am struggling with the side effects of it and I can't imagine her 98 year old body dealing with hot flashes, aches, weight gain, etc. She is a fighter though and we will just take it one day at a time.

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kannie said...

Oh, on the John Edwards thing, the fact that he's still LYING about it is what kills me. A reeeeeeeal piece of work, that one.

I'm glad you get at least a little break before your next surgery, and sorry to hear that your grandma's cancer is back... we'll sure keep both of you in our prayers.