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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taking time for the important things

Tis the season for stress and craziness.  I am certainly not immune to this but this year has come with additional challenges.  Between the economy, medical bills, having to get a new furnace etc I have been less than "Merry" this Christmas season.  But last night I had a moment of clairity.

My sister is visiting from Arizona with her kids.  Last night we got together at my grandma's to do a clothing exchange and decide what we are giving away etc.  None of us can afford to buy anything new right now so getting some of my mom's dress slacks or one of my sister's tops that she doesn't wear anymore is always a joy.  We always do this at grandma's house as it is one of the 99 year old's favorite activities.  For several hours last night my mom, my sister, my grandma and I went through tons of clothes while my sister's two youngest and my youngest ran around and played.  Girls night out on a Friday night in the retirement neighborhood!  LOL!

On the short drive home it struck me that given grandma's slowing down and my sister living so far away this was one of the last times we would all be together and have four generations laughing in the same room.  All of a sudden all my issues going on in my life melted away for a few minutes and I gave thanks that I had that time with all of them last night.  I know things are not going to get better today and might even get worse before they get better but last night with girls was a much needed and much appreciated reality check on what matters in life!

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Krista said...

That is so wonderful... what a neat opportunity! Hope you get to spend a lot of time with family this season!!! :)