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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up

So the last few weeks have been up and down.  Last weekend, hubby and I celebrated 11 years married.  We had a nice mellow evening - no kids!  Tuesday our oldest son graduated from Borah High.  Also on Tuesday my doc and I decided it was time to book a hysterectomy.  That will be in July has I have many commitments already for June.

I was torn that we decided to not go camping over Memorial Day weekend.  We wanted to go but the weather report was iffy for rain and cold.  As the week progressed I got more excited about staying home with no set plans!  Things around here have fallen behind due to icky weather and too many places to be.  But the weather in the valley should be decent and soccer is over so I am hoping to get some yardwork and spring cleaning done.  It is time to pack up the sweaters in hopes that the weather will continue to warm up. 

I am also gearing up to go back to DC in a few weeks so I have several grant proposals to review.  I also need to take pictures of boot camp and all the new equipment I have been able to buy with my Prilosec money.  Especially my pink boxing gloves.  I also need to develop a new flyer for the summer bootcamps.  And additionally I need to work out - a lot!

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