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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Organic or "Pretty"?

I have been researching organic foods lately.  For the most part they are most costly but they usually offer up better flavor than the fruits and veggies that have been sprayed with chemicals to help them look more appealing and stay fresh longer.  Right now I have some apples from Wal-mart and some organic apples in my fruit basket.  The ones from the superstore are the first ones my kids go from because the look better.   That said we should eat the organic first since they will spoil faster since they are not chemically treated, but presentation wins out with a lot of us in a lot of things.

The apples got me thinking about people.  Our society is constantly telling us that we have to be like the apples from the superstore - bigger, more shiny and longer lasting.  No longer is it a matter of being fulfilled by what is inside that apple - the sweet or sour taste, the juices etc.  It is more about how it catches our eye and how long will it last for us.  We need to be more organic when we look at people.  I am not saying we need to be hippies etc.  I am saying we need to "taste" what is inside because even if the outside is imperfect the inside might be the sweetest, most satisifying experience you have encountered.  (And unlike organic foods, these usually are easier to care for costwise etc than the chemically altered ones!)

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