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Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome to the sea of Pink

Today begins Breast Cancer Awareness month. Be prepared to see pink everywhere. I think it is great that so many are doing so much to create awareness and raise money but be warned. If you want to buy something to support the cause make sure that it truly is. Companies that offer to donate $5 from a $200 item are not necessarily in it for the cause. Sure that $5 will add up if they sell alot of product but think of how much they are making off this deal simply by making it pink.

I admit I own a pink ice cream scoop and pink measuring cups among many other pink items but the ones I will always go out of my way for is Yoplait, Avon, Levis, Coldwater Creek, Ford, and obviously anything that gives to or is related to Komen for the Cure. There are others out there but these ones and a few others have been around long before it was trendy to "Be Pink" and support awareness. Check out to find out who is truly helping the cause. They go even further to point out that Ford gives a lot of money but continues to produce cars that make exhaust chemicals that are tied to breast cancer. Same for many of the make-up companies that continue to use cancer causing toxins in their products while giving to cancer research.

All that said, I am not sure that any press (or in this case pink) is bad press (pink) when it comes to creating awareness about breast cancer. I know October will be a difficult month for me. All the coverage of breast cancer and seeing pink everywhere will be a constant reminder of how much my life has changed. I was also diagnosed in October so the memories will be even stronger than normal as I approach my one year "cancerversary".

I read an ad on the back of a cancer survivor magazine that I just love! "Whoever said winning isn't everything as never had to fight cancer." Winning and doing the celebration dance in the zone is what it is all about!

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