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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surgery tomorrow (again)

Tomorrow morning I start my reconstruction process. I am still undecided about how I want the final product - implants or tummy tissue - but I know I need to get the expanders in and get the process going. I am not really nervous about just more concerned about making sure I have everything I need etc since this is outpatient at a different hospital with a different doctor. So the routine I have become accustom to won't work for tomorrow.

Tonight I am trying to get the house somewhat clean and soak in the bath to relax for a bit. Hopefully this will be a quick recovery!

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kannie said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary (tomorrow)!!! :-) I'm related to your sister in ID (by marriage), who let us know about the Gold's challenge. You did such a great job! (I was wondering what the heck was going on with the final calculations after how they said different factors would be counted, too...) Anyway, we voted a lot!!! :-) You're a real inspiration, and we wish you the VERY best in your reconstruction & everything else!!! :-) We'll be thinking of & praying for you! :-)