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Monday, December 10, 2007

So much for going smoothly

I had my last fill on Friday and it did a number on me. I am still very sore 3 days later. Thank goodness it was my last one. I was lucky that this was the only one that was painful. For some women every fill hurts.

On top of being uncomfortable I have found out that my plastic surgeon will be gone from 12/19 until 3/1. So I have to rush to have the exchange surgery before Christmas or wait around with these rocks in for 12 weeks. My schedule is crazy with the holidays so the only time I could try for was the 19th but the hospital is booked at this point. I am on the cancellation list. They are telling me the doc now might be back as soon as mid-February and I will be at the top of the listwhen he comes back. I guess this is better than nothing. I have to get my port removed in January and I was so hoping to get this all done at the same time. Of course it couldn't go that smoothly.

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kannie said...

Yikes! 3 1/2 months?!?! Must be like, FMLA or something - what a long wait! So sorry that's how things are looking... We're praying for you & hope you're able to get in for a VERY early cancellation so you don't have to rush or wait all sorts of extra time!!!