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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beach Bash fundraiser

This Cancer Society Fundraiser is also in memory of my "adopted" sister's mom. She passed away from breast cancer when her daughter, Kelcy, was 15 and left a husband and several children. My younger sister was best friends with Kelcy at the time. My mom gladly offered to be there for any mom roles Kelcy would need and that continues to be the case 15 years later. She is truly like a sister to me and is a daughter to my parents. It was fate that I am the co-chair of the advocacy committee of ACS-CAN and would be promoting this event at Relay for Life. Just yesterday my adopted sister called and told me about her involvement in the Reef fundraiser with her sisters to help start a foundation in her mother's name. She asked for my help in getting the word out but I have already been doing that. Now I pass it on to you and ask you to pass it on to others as well.

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