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Monday, June 2, 2008

It is merely a flesh wound.

Okay you have to know Holy Grail to get that title but it is a great line.

One of my grafts seems to be struggling a bit. Some of the skin (flesh) graft has gotten a bit raw and peeled. My doc isn't concerned because it is a very small amount and skin heals itself so quickly. He did say it will take longer to recover though. I am okay with that has long as it heals. I don't want this to fail and have to consider going through this again! Every time I see it I think it looks like it is dissolving but I trust my docs and if they are saying it isn't anything major then I will (try to) not worry about it. We will see what tomorrows check up reveals.

I am still coughing a lot and finally got some meds from the doc in the box to help with that. It has really knocked me down. I am not getting a lot of sleep because of coughing fits etc but it is getting better. Nothing like having a virus while recovering from surgery!

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kannie said...

It is a great line ;-).

And I'm so sorry to hear you've been coughing!!! Whatever that cough is that's going around, it's a real stinker... hope your system beats it soon!

And hope the graft heals quickly - that would be rough to wait for! Things that doctors think/know aren't a big deal can sure look alarming... wish we always knew exactly what to expect!