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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going to Washington DC

I have been selected to sit on a peer review panel for breast cancer research grants through the Department of Defense. Panels mainly consist of doctors and scientists but they do have at least two breast cancer survivors or caregivers on each panel.

I will have to review and score 8 grant proposals before I go in July. Then we basically lock ourselves in a room for two days, debate our opinions and decide who gets the monies. It is going to be a lot of work but I am so thrilled to have been selected and it is a wonderful opportunity!


Amber said...
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Amber said...

Jen, Congrats! That is awesome! I've just started reading your blog and I'm really enjoying hearing more about your journey. You rock girl!

kannie said...

Awesome!!! Yes, what a neat opportunity, just itself, on top of being part of making a difference!!! Happy "debating"!!! ;-) I'm so excited for you!!!

Mary said...

I couldn't be any prouder of you. You continue to amaze me.