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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The miracle of life

Over the last two years I have been thankful for being able to continue to be here for so many reasons. Life is so precious and this last week showed me how impactful it can be. I was blessed to be at the birth of my newest niece. (I have missed all the others due to conflicts with my busy schedule.) Once it was time to push it only took a few minutes so I didn't really have time to absorb the experience but I was still in awe. My mom and I held onto each other a teared up and this cheeky baby arrived and starting squeaking out this girly cry. It is certainly different when you aren't the one actually giving birth. I feel so close to this little girl already just because I was there when she first arrived in the world. She is too darn cute!!! And on a blog related note - we better have a cure for breast cancer so she and her sister and her girl cousins never have to worry!

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kannie said...

How wonderful that you got to be there when she was born!!! I think the opportunity for that experience is The Blessing of being female. [Tearing up just thinking about it!] And I agree that she's just so totally cute! So peaceful... And what a great scrapbook page/picture! :-) (I love those little bows!)