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Sunday, May 25, 2008


My recovery this time as been a bit different. My chest is tender not painful but it is under wraps to let the grafts have time to "take". We will remove the gauze on Wednesday. Now my incision sight is a bit different. I can't stand up straight since it is along my stomach/pubic area and they cut skin out for the grafts. So it is a bit tight and I can feel it pull if I move too much or too fast. It is going to keep me down a bit longer than I wanted. The doc doesn't want me sitting up straight for long hours etc so I will not be able to work the primary election this coming Tuesday. :-( Oh well, getting this done was more important to me than working the polls.

It will be weeks before I will be able to work out my core but I should be able to start arm and leg exercises in a week or so. For now, it is back to the recliner I go!

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kannie said...

So glad you're not in pain! :-) Sounds a lot like a c-sec scar - they do make you feel *really* funny when you try to straighten up; hope your recovery is GREAT! :-) Enjoy the time off your feet! :-)