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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still moving along

Well I am still lagging in rest but things has slowed down just a little bit. I am continuing to be busy at work, home and at the gym. Plus Race for the Cure is next weekend so I am busy with volunteer projects, planning to attending the survivor dinner and prepping for the race. I am also on the committee for Relay for Life which is held June 20th and 21st. I am working out at least 6 times a week, sometimes at home, sometimes at the gym. Hubby and I are jetting away to Vegas in a few weeks and once we return I have surgery. May is ver busy already! June is filling up fast too.

The weight is slowly coming off. I am certainly not breaking any records like on Biggest Loser. I continue to struggle with running and it is really frustrating me. I guess I should be trying more.

Programming note*** Sunday on the Channel 6 10:00 pm there will be a story on my mom, sister, grandma and myself. We talk about breast cancer touching every generation in our family, how my sister and my mom wonder if they will get it and my sister and I both worry about our little girls. We talk about the sister study in hopes of getting more women to participate. Should be a great interview. Set your DVR

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kannie said...

Wow! Definitely busy, LOL! :-) I really wanted to do the Race for the Cure next weekend, but it falls on a morning when I have a previous commitment - how does that ALWAYS happen?!?! (Nothing going on, and then everything scheduled at the same time?) But I hope it goes really well!!! :-)

Great job on working out - that motivates me to get cracking, LOL; I've been trying to modify my workouts as I get back into them for better weight *loss*, but in the process, I've messed up the routine so much that I don't manage anything regularly right now at all. (Pathetic, I know...)

We'll be sure to catch your program, too - thanks for the heads-up!