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Monday, October 27, 2008

Life is too short

If there is one thing I have discovered over the last two years it is that life is short and saying that someday you will get around to it just doesn't cut it anymore. I have been taking a different view of life and even my past...My 20 year reunion is coming up next June and many of us are reconnecting on Facebook. I am enjoying catching up with friends from 20 years ago but it also makes me sad to think that we have drifted apart so much. Sure we have different lives etc but we would be able to stay in touch every now and again. So life is short. Go out and find those old friends and even family memebers you have lost touch with and still wonder about. It shouldn't take a life changing event to make you get back in touch.

1 comment:

kannie said...

No kidding! I love Facebook - I've found so many people that I wouldn't otherwise be able to keep in touch with - it's GREAT! :-)