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Monday, October 13, 2008

Two years

Yesterday was two years since my diagnosis. Last year was much more difficult. This year it fell on a Sunday so my son and I went to church and I stayed busy the rest of the day with projects around the house. November 1st will be my two year anniversary of being a survivor and that is always a day of celebration but October 12th is more depressing because that was the day I felt beaten down, lost, and somewhat hopeless. Obviously those feelings didn't last long but that day is always a reminder of when my life changed forever. I am looking forward to November first to celebrate the day I took control over cancer!!!

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kannie said...

We're looking forward to Nov. 1 with you!!! :-) Sometimes sad "anniversaries" give us a good chance to re-evaluate things, though, too; 10/9 was one for me, but it's (sllllllloooooooowly) turning into kind of a renewed commitment to be healthier and exercise a little more faith... anyway, happy almost-two-years!!! :-)