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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Surgery #8

Well I am home recovering from surgery #8. This one has gone very smooth. I am sore but the pain isn't too bad. The grafts are under wraps until next Friday so I don't know how they look but the other revisions are looking good. I am hoping this is the last surgery but there will still be tattooing at some point down the road.

After so many surgeries I don't get nervous anymore except for the IV part. Even after all this I still can't do needles very well. But that will be a never ending process because of my quarterly lab work.

Well recouping I am working on tons of projects on the computer and reading the Twilight series. I hope to be mobile soon so I can get back to my group at the YMCA. Granted I won't be lifting weights for awhile but I can certainly crack the whip! :-)

1 comment:

kannie said...

So glad it went well!!! (IVs creep me out, too - just the whole puncturing thing... *shudder*)

Enjoy your reading, and I hope your recuperation goes quickly so that you can rejoin your group! :-)