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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Active weekend and trying to focus

Well my weekend "workouts" have consisted of being the ref for my 8 year old daughters soccer game, yard work, house work, and running up and down stairs at home to help the girls stock and restock their lemonade/cookie stand. I wish I still had my Body Bugg to help me figure out how many calories that burnt! Now to stay away from the cookies.

Now to focus on Empowered Fitness and getting things moving. I am developing a survey for the survivors and other beginner boot campers so that I can find the best times and locations for sessions to help them.

Also I am going to work on a proposal to work with some of the patients at the hospital. We have two hospitals in Boise and one already has a trainer that comes in to work with breast cancer patients. The other hospital, where I received treatment, has some exercise classes like yoga but I would like to work with them to help more.