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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

Spring is really trying to appear around here but the almost daily snow flurries are keeping it at bay. But the calendar says spring and that brings us our family into bery busy times.  Trinity turned 8 at the beginning of spring break, soccer started for her, Easter bunny came and went, Geoffrey is home for his spring break and I am prepping to teach my criminal mediation class at BSU all weekend.  In addition to that, Al is studying for his next test to become a Microsoft Administer and so many other projects.  I have been back to the doctor for a third time in 6 weeks regarding my ears.  I still have some fluid in there and the cough.  Another round of meds and if it is still there then on to an ENT.  Could be worse though.  All of the illness and other obligations has greatly hindered my workouts though.  It is difficult to feel icky and tired and then make it worse with little to no exercise.  I feel like a blob!  Hopefully I will be back on track really soon - getting all the leftover Easter jelly beans out of the house should help too!  Not to mention I will be receiving my sponsorship from Prilosec OTC in a month or so and need to start prepping!

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