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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know I should cut myself some slack. I just had surgery and I am on medication that causes me to be in menopause and slow down my metabolism. I still don't give up but I have to admit I am a bit dismayed. I lost weight much quicker in the challenge last spring/summer but I was also on different medication then and I didn't have to slow down for a surgery during that time.

So my frustration is due to the fact that I have the mid-point weigh in at the gym this Saturday. They have a different scale in the results center now and when I stepped on it this evening after biking for 30 minutes I was only down 3 pounds since starting their challenge almost 6 weeks ago. Granted I weigh in there in the mornings and this was in the evening and after consuming about 20 ounces of water while cycling but it is still depressing... I am down more than 3 pounds on my home scale but I anticipated it would be about 10 pounds by this point.

I just want my body back to it at least where it was before cancer. My reconstruction is well on its way and now I just want the rest of my body to follow suit!!!!

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kannie said...

I'm not exactly the picture of health, so I know my comments must be taken with a few grains of salt, but it's okay :-). Is it possible that your muscles are building back up? The morning-evening thing really is a factor, too. Even so, it's about being healthy, and your lifestyle is healthier & better. The rest will follow!!! :-) (Kind of like the "listen to your body" yoga idea...) It's also harder to gain weight when your body is struggling, and now that you're healthier, your body is probably working better. You're doing great!!!