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Sunday, November 9, 2008

And one time at band camp...

Last night a small group of old friends from marching band got together since a friend was in town. We spent four hours of chatting up and laughing. It is amazing what we have all accomplished and it is amazing of how much we are still the same. It certainly didn't seem like 20 years had passed. We all fell back into teasing each other etc. I had forgot some of the crazy things we had done back then. April and Jesse had to remind me of some of the crazy things we did in drum corps. (How could I ever forget lifting Matt's car half way into the band room!?!) And I found out things from back then that I didn't know - Chelsey having the bus driver do a "cookie".

Many people hated high school but we had some great times and great bonds. We all drifted apart over the years, some more than others. I think we realized last night that even though we have gone separte ways and most of us don't even play instruments anymore, we can still stay in contact 20 years later. The core of who we were 20 years ago is still there today. We may be counselors, teachers, construction workers, military, business owners, government employee, parents and even a few cancer survivors but we are still the same kids inside that we were 20 years ago. Expect now we can all drink together legally! And we have overcome the cliques, attitudes and fears of being a teenager.

I could ramble on forever about my wonderful high school friends but I will post some pictures instead!

Morris and Bryan
Chelsey and Melissa
Sara, Trina and Morris
Angie and her little boy

Todd and Chelsey

Trina and Sara

April and Jesse

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