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Friday, January 25, 2008

Down for a few days but not out

Today I had my port removed! WOO HOO!!!! Simple procedure but it means so much. No more chemo being put into this body! So the doc says no heavy lifting for a few days but I can still do cardio and leg weights. Today will be my rest day for sure and tomorrow I will hit the treadmill or the bike (if my sore knee can handle the pedaling). I prefer the elliptical but I probably shouldn't use my arms that much yet.

Now to get a few good weeks of workouts in before the next surgery on Valentines Day which will put me out of upper body lifting for a few weeks.

1 comment:

kannie said...

ConGRAAAAAAAtulations!!! :-) Be gentle with yourself - maybe some happy yoga or something ;-). But most of all, CONGRATS on the GREAT news!!! :-)