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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Starting another challenge and getting my life back

Yesterday I signed up and weighed for the start of the local Gold's Gym challenge. I have gained back a bit of what I lost in the last challenge but I am not overly concerned about it. Since ending the last challenge I have had two surgeries, lots of chest muscle pain and the holidays. I was not the gym rat I was during the challenge. That all changes right now! Another 12 weeks of intense working out and making sure I am eating right all of the time - not just part of the time. If I can lose as much as I did during the last challenge then I will be thrilled! It won't get me to my final goal but it will make a big dent in it. I will have two minor surgeries during the challenge but I will work around them. I am also on meds which are "famous" for causing weight gain but I am mentally refusing to accept that fate.

As for getting my life back I am starting to feel the pressure I was feeling before I was diagnosed. This is always a busy time of year for me and I am feeling like I need to prove to myself and others that "I am back". So I have several projects I am working on outside of the standard work and home stuff (and gathering information for tax season!) Surviving this next week will be the biggest hurdle right now. The key is to learn to juggle everything without having to give up myself like I have done in the past. This might mean I am taking my research to the gym with me to review and highlight while doing cardio. I have always been good at juggling!

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kannie said...

Way to go - and good for you not accepting the "these cause weight gain" mandate!!! I'm trying to get myself re-motivated (i.e., out of "semi-slug" mode and more determined to exercise self-discipline...), and it is SO helpful to keep up with your goal-setting and can-do attitude! (And by "keep up," I mean "read about," not "keep pace with," because seriously, I'm not nearly as disciplined as you are...;-) Have a great week setting your new routine!!!