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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stand up to Cancer

Tony Snow has passed away. I remember when his cancer returned in 2007. It was about the same time that Elizabeth Edwards cancer returned. I really struggled watching two well known people from the political arena having to fight the beast again. With Tony's passing, I have to wonder how Mrs. Edwards is doing.

I am sure their stories, along with so many others, helped inspire Stand Up to Cancer. In September the 3 major networks will hold fundraisers for cancer research. It will be similar to what they did after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. This is desperately needed. Many people do not know that government monies for cancer research actually come out of the Department of Defense budget. Since we are at war more and more monies are going to that battle and less is going to find ways to win the cancer battle. We must stand up and tell our Congressman that the cancer war is important too and we need to find a way to win it!


kannie said...

Oh my goodness... I can't even tell you how my heart sank when I read about Tony Snow's passing. And regardless of her husband's idiotic politics, I sure hope Elizabeth Edwards is doing alright. We haven't heard much from either of them lately, which concerns (-ed) me.

I didn't realize that the DOD funds cancer research, too, although it kind of makes sense (kind of like NASA and all their research), now that I think about it. I bet if more people knew that, they wouldn't be screaming to cut the defense budget. Hope cancer research gets a boost soon!!! We'll be participating in the fundraiser!

kannie said...

Oh - and here's a link to the military site that lists all the cancer research projects (and others) that they're working on:

Jenn said...

Thanks for the link Kannie!!!

TaraMetBlog said...

Thanks for passing on the word about Stand Up To Cancer! It's a great cause.