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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A week later

It has been a week since surgery and I am moving around more but still tiring out fairly fast. Today my mom helped me out by taking the boys and I school clothes shopping. One more task for school done. Tonight we will go get some of the supplies (paper, pens, etc) while we are out refilling my meds. Tomorrow night we meet with the kindergarten teacher. We are almost ready to go!!! Soccer games also start this weekend so things are getting busy!

The fair is in town and I have always gone to it to at least people watch, have a corndog and churros, and just walk around. This year we won't be doing that for two reasons. One is the obvious that I just had surgery so I can't be out walking around in the heat and risking the crowds bumping into me. Second is that we went to Disneyland a month ago so we don't want to spend money on the fair after all the glory of Disneyland and California Adventure. I will miss my churros though! :-)

I am trying to keep my eating healthy since I am not working out. I am trying to walk a bit everyday and stretching out what limbs I can for exercise. Hopefully I won't have lost too much tone or gained any weight before doing the Gold's Gym calendar in 3 weeks!

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