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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bittersweet Morning

Today my youngest started school. She was so excited. I was excited for her but also sad because it means our Baby Girl is growing up. So we now have one in elementary, two in junior high, and one that just started high school! That is 3 different back to school nights! UGH!

While wiping away tears as I walked away from my daughter's classroom this morning I took a moment to thank God for helping me be there on her first day. I am not talking about being off work for surgery recovery on her first day, I am talking about His divine intervention that enabled me to find my cancer before it had spread, for the strength He has given me to fight the cancer and survive the treatment, and the numerous other blessings He has given to me (supporters, experiences, etc) throughout my journey.

A year ago I never would have thought there was a possibility that I wouldn't be there for her first day of school. Although I will want to continue to take my life in baby steps and enjoy every memory we create, I also am planning ahead to be here to see my grandkids first day of school!!! Cancer cannot and will not keep me from creating these precious memories!!!!

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